Well the Blizzard Sort of Hit Us

In Wolfeboro, we got a foot and a half but much less than the 3 feet that people in southern NH got. (In Northern NH, the Blizzard of ’15 was basically a no show, a few inches of snow.) Now XC skiers are looking for snowmobile tracks to ski on the lake. Last Sunday, the pair of eagles was sighted on the nest tree.The blizzard had some wind so snow was blown around because it was very light fluff. It actually means that there are some places on the lake with very little extra snow but then drifts in other. Roofs are either “covered” or almost bare because the wind blew some clean and others were in the lee and have 3 or more feet on them. It is light snow but if there is rain in the future, it would soak in, increase the weight, and cause problems. Most houses, however, have been through NH winters so most should be fine.After the snow


Along Point of Pines, the snow now covers most of the “ice mountains” that formed after New Years. At the same time, because of the fact that the snow has blown around, the crystals are small so the snow is quite dense and in places wind packed. This means that you don’t sink down much in places. If you go “back from the lake shore”, the trees were coated with fluff and make them look like white spires. Because it has been cold, shaking the trees brings most of the snow down. Not nice if your “friend” hits the tree just as you are going underneath it……..





  1. snowflake

    Thanks for the great pictures. It is great to be there even if I’m in Boston. Wow, do we ever have snow! What about global warming???? Already looking forward to August in Wolfeboro and walking the trail from Allen A Beach.

  2. lakelady

    Thanks very much for the pictures and info about the Lake in winter.
    It’s great to have a glimpse of what’s happening without the 7 hour drive!

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