Welcome to our new look — and more

You’ll notice a new look to the Lake Wentworth Association web site — but there’s more to the changes here than just our appearance.

For sure, we hope you’ll find the presentation of news and information more inviting and easier to use. On the Home page, a greater use of photos enhances the postings, while useful information such as Wolfeboro weather, the login form, and a drop-down list of previous posts are all easily accessible along the right. On the inside, we’ve widened and uncluttered the pages, so you can read without distraction.

Galleries are back

One of the best improvements involves bringing the photo galleries back onto the site itself rather than sending visitors out to a third-party host. Now you can upload your favorite photos of the lake and environs right from the Galleries menu, and then you and the whole world can admire them by using the same menu. All you need do is set up an account (if you don’t already have one) and log in to the site. Then upload away, being sure to provide descriptive information about the photo and, if you want, the photographer.

There are two galleries available at the moment — Wentworth Views and Wildlife and Flora — but others will be added as the need for them becomes apparent. Feel free to use the Contact Us page to suggest others.

Logging in is simple

In addition to uploading photos to the galleries, a number of activities on the LWA web site require you to be logged in. That includes posting items to the forums and commenting on Home page posts. For a while, the login feature remained hidden while the web site administrators figured out how to prevent the daily deluge of bogus accounts that were being created on the site. Now that this issue is hopefully settled, the login form is back on the Home page, at the right, so you can log in anytime you want to contribute to the site.

Speak up!

The forums are back, and now that the required login form is easily accessible, we hope you’ll take the time to read and contribute to the various conversations generated by life around the lakes and the Wolfeboro area in general.

Find it all

Trying to find a particular post from the past or a specific page without meandering up and down the menus? The new sitemap (found at Information >> Sitemap) lists the full site content on a single page. Posts are organized chronologically, newest to oldest, and pages are organized according to the site’s menu structure.

How are we doing?

The forums and the Contact Us page provide an easy way to register your views about the web site refresh — or anything else regarding the LWA’s activities. Please feel free to use them.