Waves Out on the Lake

As you can see from the pictures, it is a bit wavy on the lake. The wind came up and, sure enough, waves appeared. You might expect it.

Well, the waves are really drifting snow on the lake surface but they “look” like waves. The snow we have had recently has been quite fluffy so it tends to blow around a lot. As the crystals blow across the lake, they get broken into little pieces so they tend to be pretty dense snow, often called “wind pack”.

Skiing on it is relatively easy although if the wind is still blowing, you don’t want to stay out on the lake for long.Skiing through the drifts isn’t all that bad but wind breakers are needed.

It has been cold, here. Since the 2oth of January, it hasn’t been higher than 36 degrees with only four days above freezing. Below zero temperatures have been frequent and it is presently snowing although it is only 3 degrees. Generally, it doesn’t snow when it is this cold and the snow is absolute fluff.

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    Thank you for these notes and pictures. I really enjoy reading them and the pictures are outstanding. All the best.

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