Two Roads Diverged…….

Skiing from one end of the lake to the other can cause mental strain. Which path do you take?   Leaving the Heath and wanting to go to Point of Pines, which road do you take?IMG_6448

Robert Frost’s poem says to take the one less traveled by but what if it doesn’t go in the right direction? Last week, 8 inches of snow came down on the lake, all fluff and over the weekend with a big ice fishing derby, the lake was crisscrossed with snowmobiles. While not a whole lot easier to ski in their tracks, it was a bit easier so you tended to follow them. Often, the tracks would go for a long way in the direction you wanted and then take a turn away from your destination. Ultimately you keep dealing with the “life guard” problem which is the question of how does a life guard get to a person the quickest. (50 yards off shore and 100 yards down the beach, how far do you run down the beach before you swim out with the floatation device?) Well, skiing on the lake isn’t an emergency and you are really out there for exercise but it becomes a game of how do I get there. Sometimes, when the track goes the wrong way, you head off the track.

Great fun on the lake in the nice snow, the eagles are still here and more snow is forecast for later in the week. The ice out contest will start in a few days but the ice is not in danger of going out this week. Still 18 inches of ice in most parts and the ice fishing holes have been freezing a couple of inches thick overnight……..