Finding Milfoil July 8th and 10th.

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    Our second, and third Dive especially, reveled quantities of Milfoil.
    The Dive Team dove both on Saturday and Monday after a Thunder Storm cut
    Saturday’s Dive short. Three Divers were in the water on Monday including
    New Diver Colin Ross.
    A Large cropping of Milfoil in the center of Mast Landing Bay was found. An early estimate of it’s size was a 30 foot by 75 foot patch. It will take some work to clear it but it will get done.
    Of concern this week is a large debris field was found floating between Mink Island
    and the North Beach of Stamp Act by Weed Watcher Chuck Hallet. Chuck thought it looked like someone had thrown a quantity of brush in the lake to get rid of it. Unfortunately
    in the center was what appeared to be a Variable Milfoil plant. At this point we can’t
    determine where the Milfoil came from but it is this type of carelessness that can spread Milfoil to the far ends of our lake. If you are not a Weed Watcher you must
    consider becoming one. Ask your Shore Rep for details.
    Last week’s clearing of Brewster and Tetherly Heath was very successful. On the Goodwin Basin chemical treatment front, as of this writing, we are still awaiting a response that the water there is suitable to once again use for apricultural watering. No word yet. Have a great week and we’ll see you next week in Crescent Lake. Saturday at 11AM.
    Thanks, Tom Ouhrabka

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