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    This blustery Saturday Skip Oliver and I dove in Crescent Lake To finish clearing a large Milfoil patch to keep it from growing into the winter months. We also pulled one stubborn plant in Smith River. So now a very successful Dive Season has come to an end. I know there are Milfoil plants growing in Crescent Lake but I couldn’t exactly tell you where. We will start up again in the late Spring and check all the known spots, pull any regrowth, and explore new areas. It’s an amazing story of what has been accomplished so far there. Just talk to anyone involved over the last fifteen or twenty years. It’s not only the Divers that make it all happen but the many topside people who assist to make it all possible.
    We have professional Divers in Goodwin Basin diving every Sunday well into October as the abatement of Milfoil continues. Progress there is slow but we have to be relentless. Brewster Heath also has a few existing plants after a strong year of attacking Milfoil in that very difficult environment. We’ll be back at it in there next Spring.
    We have expanded our approach for attacking exotic weed growth with a new Weed Watchers Program initiative headed by Skip Oliver. The goal is to educate everyone on our lakes about invasive plants. Attending a short educational session can help make you a near expert where you will learn to identify exotic plant and alert Divers to abate them. Please support that effort and get involved.
    Weed control needs your support in helping to limit the phosphorus, that feeds plants, from getting into our lakes.
    Did you notice more native plants growing in front of your place this year? How about algae? Why the expanded growth?
    We still have a lot of work to still do. Support your Associations and be involved.
    Thank you for all your support this year. Tom Ouhrabka

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