The Water Must Be Cold

This afternoon’s walk to the lake found slushy snow in the water. If it didn’t melt, the water must be about freezing…. There were a few inches of snow that fell and, while the lake isn’t frozen, it looks like we are getting closer.

Looking down the beach, there is an area of “stuff” that is not liquid water. I guess this happens as we approach Winter so it is not really novel. However, it is the first “ice” I’ve seen on the lake, well, it is really just slush…..img_8377

As with many things that are around the lake, there is always something different. In this case, it seems as if very gentle winds moved the slush around. Snow fell and the water near shore was very near the freezing point. As the snow fell, it didn’t melt and the slight winds made it into patterns that were almost like some of the patterns you see in the sand along the beach.


In another place, it looked like there were some icebergs floating around and or ice break-up in the Spring. However, this is all just slush and is not “frozen” at all. If you threw a stick into it, the stick would break it all apart and not stay on top.


Looking out on the lake, the shores are white while the water is dark. This makes a nice contrast and this picture is looking west to Bass, Little Bass and Stamp Act Islands. Yes, winter is coming, the water is cold and the forecast is not promising for a warm-up soon. If you like cold weather, you are missing it if you aren’t here. If you don’t like cold weather, be happy you are away from the lake. Come back next year when it is warmer.