The Lake Is Freezing – Maybe

It is getting that time of year when the lake starts freezing. Today, it was 90% ice covered but it surely wasn’t “skating ready”. It is also supposed to get warmer and rain before Christmas so this ice probably won’t last.It was a bit cold on the 19th and at the edges, there was ice in neat patterns. Those patterns are often pretty amazing. Here, small little pieces of ice were being pushed up into small linear piles by the waves. The dock was changing the way the waves broke so the piles go out around the supports.


Below is some ice frozen over the sand but small pieces of ice that must have been pushed up on shore with a slight wind.IMG_6827

This picture shows the common “wavy patterns” in the sand of a beach but then there are the ridges formed as the ice froze. These are small ridges but they cause shadows on the bottom that make interesting patterns.


Other years different patterns have formed. The picture, below, shows ice cubes that have been formed into funny looking waves as the wind blew them onto shore.???????????????????????????????If the process, above, continues, the piles of ice cubes can be quite spectacular. Think of how much less ice you could buy to cool your summer drinks……


One last thing, there is something that I don’t understand. Here, a buoy seems to have made a track in the ice. The ice isn’t very thick and may have been freezing as this curved track was formed. The question is why does the track seem to be double for at least a section of it and why doesn’t the red buoy have a “trail”?