The Lake Froze! November 30th

While people were sleeping, the lake froze on November 30th. Very early but it had been cold with winds. It froze when there was no wind so it is smooth but with only an inch or so of ice it is not something you can skate on. Often, the lake freezes and then the wind breaks the ice up and it is blown onto the shores in thousands of ice cubes, enough to keep you in icy drinks all summer if it would last that long. This year, it froze all across the lake so the wind didn’t have a chance to break it up and it remains frozen. It has been a bit warmer and there has been a little rain but the ice is holding tough. One of the amazing things about it is that it looks like it is not frozen because there is a thin layer of water on the ice, maybe an eighth of an inch thick. The wind blow enough to make white caps but because the water layer is so thin, it hardly makes a ripple.

Thin layer of water reflects perfectly.

Thin layer of water reflects perfectly.

The water level is still below its “normal” winter level because there hasn’t been much rain which feeds the streams. (It is hard to fill the lake by bucket, you need the rain.) The lake has risen about half a foot but has a ways to go. There is some ice waves along the shore but they are small compared to previous years. It is more like sno-cone size ice flakes but it does make some nice patterns. Note the still large beach. The water isn’t up to normal yet.



  1. MinkIs

    Made the snowshoe trip from Holden Shore to Mink Island today. We tested the ice with a long ice chisel every 100 yards or so and the thinnest ice we found (9″) was in the middle of the sister ledges. Everywhere else was approximately 12″. An absolutely perfect winter day on the lake. Happy New Year to all!

  2. ChrisFMA

    Looks like Wolfeboro bay and the weirs iced in. The broads are still open, so the south end of the lake could still get blown apart if we get wind with the coming warm up. Too bad about the snow on Crescent and Wentworth. It might be a struggle to achieve safe ice any time soon.

  3. ChrisFMA

    Anyone have any idea how much snow now sits on the ice? I’m wondering if it’s going to insulate the ice slowing the thickening of the ice.

    1. Peter (Post author)

      There is about a foot of snow, at least 8 inches. This will slow the process of freezing. A couple inches more to fall tomorrow night.

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