Susan Goodwin Now Chair of New Hampshire Lakes Assn.

Susan Goodwin was elected Board Chair for the New Hampshire Lakes Association (NHLAKES). She retired from teaching a few years ago and has gotten very involved in saving New Hampshire lakes. Susan is presently a board member of the LWA but, following the footsteps of Laura Nichols and Ralph Cadman, she joined the board of the New Hampshire Lakes Association. Now, she has stepped up to be the Chair of the Board.

The New Hampshire Lakes Association is a state-wide organization that works toward preserving our lakes. While some issues are local and can be dealt with locally, others involve making laws that protect our lake while protecting all the lakes in the state. LWA is a member of the NHLAKES but many people join on their own to protect our lake and other lakes. NHLAKES is the group that started the Lake Host Program that has volunteers at Mast Landing to try to prevent invasive species from entering the lake. They have worked with the NH Legislature and the Loon Preservation Committee to write laws that save our lakes from pollution and other degradations. Recently, they worked toward trying to prevent having lead sinkers used for fishing. The lead sinkers are often eaten by loons and other waterfowl which causes lead poisoning and kills the bird. The legislature did not pass this legislation which would increase the cost of “sinkers” but the percent increase in total cost for a fishing expedition is small. Paying two or three times the present price for sinkers doesn’t begin to compare to the cost of buying a boat and gas for the boat, let alone the cost of getting to the lake. This bill may be taken up in the future and NHLAKES will be an advocate for its passage.

While NHLAKES works at the legislative level, it also works to educate the public so that they don’t cause problems for our lakes. Articles are provided by NHLAKES staff that are printed in local papers and these help educate people as to how to deal with septic systems problems, storm run-off, invasive species and lakefront maintenance. Susan has now moved up to the “next level” as Chair of the Board of the New Hampshire Lakes Association with the goal of protecting our water resources. Her efforts will benefit our lake and others. For more information about NHLAKES, you can go to their website at: