Summer Is Here – Join the July 5th Fishing Derby And Be Careful on the Lake

Summer is here!!! And that means it is almost time for the Annual LWA Fishing Derby which is being held on July 5th. Time to enjoy the lake, too, but let us all be careful. Follow the common sense rules……

Time to get those fishing rods out and ready to go. What a great way to spend time boating and fishing on our beautiful lake. Weigh-in is on the Ouhrabka’s dock in Smith river with weigh in time from 9 am-1 pm. Participation ribbons will be given that day. Please remember no lead sinkers are to be used in order to protect our waterfowl. Looking forward to seeing lots of families out there fishing!!!

When out on the lake, though, be careful. Some things are common sense, others are the law but the one thing to remember is to have fun but not at the expense of others.We need to protect our lake and to make sure that others can enjoy it, too.

1) If you are in an area with other people, respect them, don’t cause waves that will bother them and this includes sound waves. Your loud music may be good to your ears but others may be wanting to hear a loon call.

2) Rules for water skiing are  mostly common sense. Skiing at dusk is illegal because you may not see the person who just fell into the water. Do you want to run them over trying to find them? You need a boat driver and one person for each person being towed. This means one water skier requires two people in the boat and the observer has to be over 14. If there are two people on the tube, you need two observers and one driver. The driver makes sure that the boat doesn’t hit other boats (or loons or swimmers or rocks) and the observer(s) keep track of those being towed. These are important positions because people can get killed if you don’t do things right.

3) Pay attention to the buoys but realize that they are only “approximately” where they should be. Give that black buoy an extra 50 yards to the north and east and the red ones 50 yards to the south and west. Second Ledge buoys need to be “relocated” and one rock that was out of water for last Fall’s draw down was about 30 yards south of the red buoy. Ouch! The ice has moved other buoys so be careful.

4)  Not staying 150 feet from other boats unless you are at “headway” speed is also a common sense rule. If you go past another boat too closely, if everything works fine, it is OK but if your boat has a problem you could hit them. (Think of a jet ski hitting a “strange” wave.) Or you may come too close to a smaller boat and your waves can tip them over. Any tipped over boat is a real problem! It is also scary for small boats to be approached at fast speed by any boat. You may know that they are there but they probably don’t know that you are “just being friendly”.

5)  Watch out for invasives if you are moving your boat from one lake to another. Invasive species often come to stay and multiply. Many Lake Wentworth property owners only put their boats into our lake and keep it there all summer long. It has been out of the water for the winter so you are not bringing in bad things. If you take your boat elsewhere, you can bring a whole list of invasives with you. Did you see that spiny water flea or piece of millfoil or zebra mussel egg or asian clam? Wash your boat, let it dry and if it can possibly have a pool of water in it (yes, kayaks are at risk), then you need to be careful unless you want to hurt our lake. Washout the boat/bilge with water and let it dry completely. A canoe is great because it is easy to clean it and if you carry it on the top of your car, it dries well and you can see any problems. Most other boats can have invasives hiding in them……

Only you can prevent boating accidents and invasives from invading.

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  1. snowflake

    I know this is not the topic but will Moose Point cam be back up soon? I notice they were doing work right in front of it and figured that’s why it’s down. Miss my daily check in. Thanks.

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