Student assistance donation

In the spring of each year, the Lake Wentworth Association will announce a donation to a deserving Kingswood Regional High School graduating senior who demonstrates a commitment to environmental issues. The donation will be given, with the advice and guidance of appropriate school personnel, to help defray expenses associated with study beyond the high school level.

We ask school personnel take a major role in selecting the recipient. It is our feeling that they know the students and their needs far better that we. The selection of the recipient should be via a process that best meets his or her needs and fulfills the intent of the LWA donation.


A number of considerations guide the selection process. As a starting point, the recipient should be interested in and demonstrate a commitment to environmental issues. One or more of the following activities can best demonstrate this concern and commitment:

  • Completion of at least one significant and successful school project dealing with environmental issues.
  • Performance of community service or volunteer activities that enhanced the natural environment.
  • An intention to pursue further environmental studies.
    Involvement in a democratic process to preserve and protect the environment.
  • Significant involvement in a group or groups that are dedicated to the preservation of the natural environment.
  • A portfolio of works that demonstrates a value for and an appreciation of the natural environment.

The donation

The amount of the donation is $1000, and it must be used to help defray expenses associated with continued study after graduation from Kingswood Regional High School. The Lake Wentworth Association will have a representative in attendance at the Awards Ceremony in June to present this donation to the selected student.