Strange Winter Continues

A quick update on the lake. People were ice boating on the lake last weekend in “selected” areas. No one was sailing around the lake. I was out and was planning on going around the Sisters from the Point of Pines but when I got to Bass Island, I turned around. Farther west, the ice as not as thick because if only froze in the middle of January. The recent rain had melted some ice but also made some holes as it drained through cracks. A group traveled to Poplar Island but went from the Allen A because of a lack of good ice from the normal shore. The ice between Sister and Poplar was questionable. On the 2nd, there was an inch of snow but a total of an inch of rain, too. As a result, there are not large areas free of ice. The usual place between Stamp Act and Cate is quite large but there is also an area 40 x 100 yards off of Bernadette but then a large area to the south of Sister all the way to Stamp Act and down toward Bass. There is also open water in a long line hear third ledge. In places with ice, it is generally quite thick but there are spots where it isn’t. Strange winter.

On the 4th, much of the smaller places where the lake was unfrozen froze but the larger areas have only gotten a bit smaller with two nights of 10 degree temperatures. Wednesday it is supposed to be 60 degrees. It is strange weather.