Still Very Much Like Winter

The Ice Watch people are still “watching” but not very carefully and we probably have three or four weeks, at least, with ice. It is still like the middle of winter. Don’t plan on swimming much for awhile.Old Man Winter doesn’t seem to have gone away just because the calendar says it is Spring. It was possible to ski all the way around the lake on the ice/snow on the last day of Winter. The only open water, other than three “springs” that had six or 10 foot diameter open areas, was at the Smith River which was open as you looked down it. I guess you could go canoeing there……. cropped-IMG_64931.jpg

After a 10 inch snowstorm, it rained and then froze. Probably 75% of the lake was “icy” with hard snow a inch or so thick on the rest. Because the ice was from melted snow, little was good for ice skating other than three or four places where people had shoveled off an ice rink.  Since then, we got 6 inches of wet snow and the lake is now “snowy”. This snow melted in the warm sun and compressed to an inch or so of hard snow and the skiing is fine anywhere. The forecast for the next week is not encouraging for melting even though the Sun is getting pretty warm but when you have temperatures in the single digits at night, it is hard to melt much ice. People are still ice fishing so don’t get your bass boat out yet. If you look at the ice watch guesses, you see one in May. When I recorded that one, I said, if the ice stays that late, we are not going to be happy. Unfortunately, the May date may be the winner. That would be a record……..  One other thing, skiing today near the lake we did hear a sign of Spring, a Canada Goose was flying somewhere and honking. I guess Spring will get here.