Been Cold for Awhile

It is now after New Years, the lake is now frozen as you might imagine from the web cam. It was almost completely frozen on Christmas Day as most was covered with a bit of snow or slush. Now, it is frozen. I was away between Christmas and New Years and now things are different. During that time, it didn’t go above freezing. It snowed about 8 inches (and which then settled to 4 or 6) but there was wind so the frozen surface of the lake basically blew clear although the surface is not conducive to skating, ice boating or even skiing. Near the edges, there is a little bit of snow on the surface but most of the lake looks icy with lots of bumps from slushy snow.

I know that at least one ATV has gone across the lake but it is still not “safe”. You may get lucky and not go through but there are places where you might fall through the ice. Be careful if you venture out, drill holes in the ice to measure the depth and remember that there are places that never freeze well even when the rest of the lake has solid ice. You have to know where these places that never freeze well so you can make sure that you don’t go for a swim or worse.

The forecast is to have a few more cold days and then have it get to near 40 for a few days. Not a “thaw” on the horizon at the moment but you never know.

A couple of things that you might think about:

First, if you would like to write something for this webpage, send me an article. I would love to put it up on the website. Send it to “”. The other thing is related to the WebCam. As you probably know, the old webcam has met its reward even with the TLC provided it by Rich Masse over the years. Rich, in his typical “can do” style has provided another way to see the lake from your computer. A video camera attached to a computer sends us views of the lake instead of just the snapshots of the previous webcam. If you have a house with a view of the lake, one that is heated year round, and a connection to the internet, you could provide a different view of the lake. Ideally, it would be great if we could have half a dozen cameras so we could see more parts of the lake. The technology is rather easy to install and maintain and would be a great “donation” to the LWA and the community who visits this website. The cost is minimal. Send a note to “” if you have any interest in this. Sending a note and finding out more will not mean that you have to do anything, but you might find the project to be a good one.