Yes, there was snow up here in the north country. How much snow fell at the lake is totally dependent on where it is measured. Reports go from 17 to 24 inches. In drifts, it is much more. The lake surface probably has less, generally, because the wind blew it onto land. The storm has made it look like winter because now the ground is white instead of the brown that we had. The only people complaining are the ice boaters. They will probably have to wait until next year.

One issue to be aware of  is that the snow weighs something and when it falls on the ice, the ice needs to sink deeper to support the extra weight. Because there are cracks in the ice, water seeps up through the cracks and make slush form right at the ice-snow boundary. It is not a safety issue, just a problem. If it was safe to be on the ice before the storm, it is safe now. It is a problem in some areas because the snow will cover up thin ice. Be careful. If you are XC skiing, you may find that your skis sink into this layer and the water will freeze on your ski bottoms and you will now be walking with ice cubes on the bottom of your skis. If you are on a snow mobile, this slush layer can stop your vehicle. Often you can gun your engine and get to a place where there is no slush. (Hard to do with your skis…….) As always, know what you are doing when you venture onto the lake in the winter. Conditions change and be aware of the problems you may encounter.