Small Forest Fire on Stamp Act

On July 17th, a series of thunderstorms came through and anyone in the lakes area must have been aware of them, they were loud and long. Apparently, a lightning strike caused a fire to start in the crown of a tree and when the Fire Department got to the Island, they found a “good fire burning in a few trees”. The Fire Department worked to extinguish it and returned the next day to make sure that the fire was out.

The fire was reported to be near the south center of the island, well away from the eagle nest tree. The Fire Department used Albee Beach as a point to get to the island and took portable pumps to pump water from the swamp in the interior of the island. They cut down some trees to get to the burning parts although one tree was too big which is the reason they wanted to return to make sure the fire was completely out. While cutting trees is not desirable, the fire department should be able to deal with the safety of the entire island in a manner that they feel appropriate. They also should make sure that their own safety is insured. The fire seems to be out but as more information come in, it will be posted.

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  1. lakelady

    As an islander, it’s good to know that the Wolfeboro FD has the ability to respond to island fires. Thought we were “on our own” in the event of fire. Of course the response time is longer than it would be for shoreline incidents, so we’ll continue the -no open fires- policy.
    Thanks WFD!

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