Sad Loon News

Unfortunately, Lake Wentworth is the first lake in New Hampshire this year to have a loon death associated with lead sinkers. Lead poisoning is not a great way to die and it is a real problem.

The loon was spotted by people out on a walk and the loon was not behaving normally. It was having a hard time staying upright. This is typical of lead poisoning and occurs 4 to 6 weeks after the loon ingests a lead sinker or jig. This loon was taken to an animal hospital and it was found that the level of lead in the blood was toxic. The loon was euthanized because there was no way to save it. It was a banded male whose territory was near Wentworth State Park.

The governor signed into law protections against the use of lead sinkers. If you have them, replace them with non-lead sinkers. Save the loons. Ducks have the same problems but are not fish eaters. Often loons catch fish that have lures and lead sinkers attached to them. Not nice.

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