Rain then Some Snow

New England weather always changes. This January is no exception as it is cold and then warms up and rains and then some snow. The ice is “generally” safe to be out on and tracks of fox and coyote are present in the recent snow.

It snowed about 4 inches but this settled to about 2 in the warm sun of the 19th. Before the snow, there were iceboats out enjoying the smooth ice and given that the snow isn’t too deep, they may return. Skiing on the lake (with self rescue devices) was very pleasant and most of the tracks were from animals, not snowmobiles or other people. The island camps were closed up and waiting for warmer weather. There were clouds to the east and north of the lake so the sun on the foreground often was in contrast to the dark clouds. There were also some interesting cloud formations.

This picture was from west end of Stamp Act and the gentle curves showed upper level winds. The Sister Islands and Loon were looking warm in the sun but no one was present at any of them.

It was also nice to look back on the ski tracks in the glistening snow. It was a funny consistency in that it was sort of granular and there were a few places where the skis “iced up”. These were places in the shade where the sun had not warmed the snow all the way down to the ice layer so when the snow at the surface which was slightly melted by the 38 degree temperatures was pushed down to the below freezing layer, it stuck to the skis. It wasn’t really a problem  but it staying out of the shade made the going easier.