Racing Toward the End of May

The strange weather continues but instead of cold and rain, now the temperature has risen to record breaking temperatures. Well, it is supposed to cool down over the weekend but it seems like mid-summer right now.

Mr. and Mrs. Eagle seem to have at least one chick in their nest so they are keeping busy with the feeding. There have been at least three juvenile bald eagles seen at the lake but they seem to have gone elsewhere. When you aren’t nesting, you can do what you want. They seemed to be a trio and would fly together which was quite a sight.

The leaves are still a work in process in that a few days ago many trees had not really even started to leaf out. With the temperatures in the 80s for a few days, that is obviously changing. The new leaves are still a light green instead of their dark summer green and they are also still smaller than their summer size. With the leaves sprouting, it is harder to get a view of the eagles but such is life.

Today the signs were put up on the North Beach of Stamp Act indicating that it is closed. It really had been closed before but few people would have thought of using it to swim on because of the cold temperatures. Now, it is closed so that the entire island can be used by nesting birds and the sandpipers that are seen along the shore won’t have to worry about people on the beach. For many years, the beach was opened on the 15th of July but that changed a few years ago. The Nature Conservancy people didn’t think that opening it on the 1st of July was a problem and opening it earlier allows the Stamp Act Committee members to tell people where they can use a beach rather than just saying the entire island is closed. Options are a good thing. The rest of the island is closed at all times except for guided walks and there will be at least one day for guided walks this summer in August if all goes according to plan. If you are interested, check into the website in July…..

On the 13th of May, there was a “Water Summit” held in town hall. 150 to 200 people attended and learned about issues associated with lake quality. We all have to do our part. The Wentworth Watershed Association (the combined LWA and LWF) will continue working on keeping pollution out of our lakes but we all have to do our part. We don’t want a “green” lake. Phosphorous is the enemy. It is the middle number on a bag of fertilizer. It should be ZERO. Our area of New Hampshire had enough phosphorous in our rocks to keep our lawns nice and green. You don’t need to add any more. Keep the middle number ZERO.  (10 – 0 – 20) is fine……..