Protecting Our Lake – Things You Do Now Can Help

Often what we do or don’t do makes a difference. Putting phosphorous into the lake causes algae to grow so do use a fertilizer with no phosphate. In New York state phosphate is prohibited from lawn fertilizers. With their soils and our soils, it isn’t needed! It doesn’t help your lawn. What else can you do?

If you are making plans to do some landscaping, DO think about putting in plants that will block run-off, don’t think about having a lawn that goes right to the shoreline. (Lawns don’t need any phosphorous – the middle number in the fertilizer numbers – so please think about that if you feel the need to fertilize your lawn.  DO work to prevent erosion from driveways, boat launches and other parts of your shoreline and don’t encourage geese or ducks onto your property, they add to the phosphorus in the lake. Another article further down on the page shows what phosphorus can do to the lake. It was a fun science experiment done by a local student.

There are other sources of phosphorus to Lake Wentworth including eroded soils, runoff from roads, driveways and rooftops, poorly functioning septic systems, waterfowl and pet litter among others. We need to reduce all of these as much as possible and the Lake Wentworth Foundation (LWF) hopes to do this with the watershed planning grant it has applied for.

Also think about what you bring to the lake. DON’T bring wood from your winter home to the lake. It is illegal because the bugs that may be inside the logs may not have died so they may “live free” here and destroy our trees around the lake. Emerald Ash Borers and Hemlock Woolly Adelgids are just two of the bad bugs.  NH DES has more information if you want.

Do plan on bringing sunshine with you and enough rain to keep the lake level in the normal range. Look forward to the summer season.

Statewide Ban on Importing Firewood
New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands.
As of Jul 2011, New Hampshire has banned the importation of untreated firewood without a commercial or home heating compliance agreement. Firewood is a major source of damaging insects and diseases. This ban will help protect the health on New Hampshire’s forests.