Updated — Out on the Lake – VERY Carefully

The recent 2 inches of rain and 50 degree temperatures have made being out on the lake more questionable. The places that did not “break free” in January seem OK but you have to know where they are. This is lots more open water and some shores cannot access the lake ice. Moose Point is one of those places but there are others, too. You could canoe between Cate Island and Stamp Act and most of the way from the west end of Stamp Act to Sister Island. Also, in random places it seems that the 2 inches of rain found ways though cracks and melted places out. Firm ice around them but the holes are hardly frozen. It was cold on the night of 2/27 but no such cold is forecast. Places that are ice free now may skim over but probably won’t be safe for the rest of the winter. Wait a few weeks and you can get out boating…..  You might get in an ice-out guess (see the next article). Won’t happen tomorrow but ……

Below is what was written earlier and has some pictures of some neat ice formations…..

It is always nice to be out on the lake but it hasn’t been very inviting this winter. However, the recent 3 inches of snow and then warm rain and then cold nights has frozen “most” of the lake. Wearing a life jacket and carrying hand spikes to do self rescue is a good idea if there is a chance of falling through. It also helps if you know where the lake was free of ice into the middle of January and also keep checking the thickness of the ice…. But what is out there? The eagles seem to be working on their nest and there were fantastic ice patterns….

Below is a pair of pictures of the eagle nest, last November and now. They have done a bit of repair work on the nest that seemed to be sagging to the left side and now there are sticks up above the small limb on the right hand side of the trunk. Eggs are laid in late February or early March so they are getting ready.eagle nest comparison

Around the rocks off shore, there is often a bit of open water and ice formation that form as the lake level fluctuates and the sun warms the rocks through the ice. Sometimes, the patterns are interesting.


As was mentioned, there are typical places where the ice doesn’t form well and one is a point off the west end of Stamp Act. It is a row of rocks that points out to the buoy. It is open water as you can see from the picture.


But much of the lake is well frozen and the combination of 3 inches of snow, then freezing rain, then an inch of rain made some ice patterns on the lake which are quite remarkable. In some places, the top surface of the water froze and then the water drained out leaving an air space. In others, holes had developed in the snow cover, filled with water and then froze. These patterns are all on a foot or so of ice so you are not in danger of falling through.


But other places seem to have been made into fairy lands. Some of the ice patterns have thin rays of ice, probably left over from the freezing rain period that put a glaze on the 3 inches of snow. Some of the ice seems to have falling into the water and didn’t melt completely before the water refroze.


Other places seemed to just have thin rays of ice….. Pretty neat, abstract patterns.


These lasted about two days before a inch of wet snow and then rain and warm weather made them disappear. Over 50 degrees on Saturday the 20th.