Oh-Oh Buoy – Our Navigation Aids

NH Marine Patrol was on the lake May 13th. The navigation lights were installed, and some buoys replaced. More work needs to be done so they will return to perform further service. Most buoys are in place but all are not perfect and still a few are missing. Be careful out on the water until the work is complete.

With regard to the lighted buoys, there is a state-wide problem with these floating lights. It seems that there is a mechanical defect causing the “cans” to become waterlogged. The cans are slowly being replaced by the manufacturer. You can see from the three photos, below, the progression of sinking buoys. The first is a “normal” buoy, then next is “sinking”, the next is upside down. Oops.Two out of the three obviously need to be replaced. bouys

Buoys move in the winter and spring because they get caught in the ice. Yes, there was enough ice on the lake this past winter to move the buoys. The motion occurs when a large section of ice gets blown by the wind when the temperatures are low enough so the buoy is frozen in the ice. In sunny weather, the buoys will have the ice melt around them so under those circumstances, the buoy just slides down under the ice, popping up as the iceberg moves past. If it is solidly frozen into the iceberg, the buoy will move with the ice. (Rocks can also be plucked and moved by the ice and is the cause of some of the rock rows off the ends of some islands.)

New volunteers have stepped forward to be the LWA water Safety Committee. This committee will work on the buoy problems and other issues. More information will follow as it becomes available.

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  1. crosleyc

    Missing buoys – FYI Took a slow ride around the southern western end of the lake. Noted
    1- RED buoy off western end of Stamp Act between it and Flo/Wal/Loon missing- part of the ledge is sticking out of the water so with low lake level that will have to serve as a temporary marker until buoy is replaced.
    2- RED buoy of pair of Abbott ledge still missing . BLACK is the lone marker.

    All buoy as at ledges 1,2,3, south of Triggs, around Mink, Sister ledges, off Hersey Shore and Florence rock seem OK.

    Did not look for buoys Townsend and Governor’s Shore

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