Officers, directors, and shore reps


Position Name Shore Term Ends
President Bob Spear Poplar Island August 2016
Vice President Peter Galanis Wentworth Park August 2016
2nd Vice President Susan Goodwin Townsend Shore August 2017
Secretary Becky Arnold Poplar Island August 2016
Treasurer Kathryn Bacastow Governor’s Shore August 2017
Clerk Roger Murray III Townsend Shore August 2017


Term Expires 2016 Term Expires 2017 Term Expires 2018

Joan Green
(Governor’s Landing)

Bob Morneau
(Kingswood Acres)

Tom Ouhrabka
(Poplar Island)

Jack O’Connell
(Wentworth Park)

Kevin Donovan
(Wentworth Estates)

Judi Gosbee
(Wentworth Estates)

Lisa Donovan
(Wentworth Estates)

Ken Bowman

(Turtle Island)

Howard Hoyt
(Governor’s Landing)

Skip Oliver

(Sister Island)


Ken Roberts
(Governor’s Shore)

Committee Chairs

Committee Name
Fish and Wildlife Hugh Crawford
Fishing Derby Karen Ouhrabka
History Susan Goodwin, Joan Green
Lake Host Coor. Susan Goodwin
LWA Specialty Items Mary Ellen Galanis,  Judi Gosbee
Map Judy O’Keefe
Mast Landing Bob Spear
Nominating Ken Roberts, Susan Goodwin Tom Ouhrabka, Al Thompson
Newsletter Susan Goodwin
Publicity Open
Shore Reps Susan Goodwin
Technology Rich Masse
Water Quality Don Kretchmer
Webmaster Peter Goodwin
Weed Control Tom Ouhrabka
Zoning and Taxes Roger Murray III

Shore Representatives

Shore Representative
Coordinator Susan Goodwin
Churchill Road Marcia Gaudette
Coves End Bob and Connie Morneau
Governor’s Landing Walter & Claire Vaughan
Governor’s Shore Carol Botsford, Sheldon Jones,
Pat Coppins
Heath Shore Joe Erwin and Anne Blodget Holberton
Hersey Shore Hugh Crawford
Joe & Carol Carilli
Holden Shore Ellen Berry
Hodge Shore Sue Vail
Kenney Shore Janet Urquhart
Kimball Shore Karen Ouhrabka
Point Breeze Eloise Schundler
Townsend Shore Susan Goodwin, Carolyn Purcell
Triggs Island Kathy and Dick Eaton
Islands except Triggs Heather Pulito, Becky Arnold
Triggs Shore Sara Buttrick  Dianna McCaffery
Warren Sands Christian Boudman
Wentworth Estates Judi Gosbee
Wentworth Park Peter Galanis
Crooked Pond Shore Jay Pollini
Crescent Point Bob and Lori Kline
Heron Hollow Needed
McManus Shore Joann Buonomano
Avery Shore Needed
King’s Pine Shore Norm Tache