Never Was a New Hampshire Winter

New Hampshire didn’t live up to its reputation for having a “good” winter. It never got going this year and the lake is set to go out very early. Weather in the 80’s doesn’t help the ice…..  The lake froze later than usual and only a few ice houses were every put out and most didn’t stay long because by the time that the ice was hard enough to put them out, the warming temperatures said you need to take them off. There were a number of good ice boating days and I was tempted to buy one but had I done it the day I was tempted, my season would have ended five days later. The amount of snow on the ground has been limited so the run-off has also been limited and unless there is rain in April and May, we may have a lake that is lower than normal. State regulations say that the level has to be reduced for the Winter months but the run-off isn’t raising the level for the summer levels yet.

As we move, now, to the Spring and Summer seasons, we need to think about what we can do for our lake to keep it the way we like it. I got a fun video that you may have looked at about a goose talking about what he/she likes in lake frontage. If you haven’t looked at it, you might enjoy it. The link is:

The water is still cold, only the brave would go swimming but all that will change. The Sun is feeling warm, ducks are back on the lake (but no loons as of yet) and the redwings are singing in the swamps, the peepers are peeping and a phoebe was catching bugs off our shore. We do hope that the warm temperatures don’t confuse the apple trees and get them blossoming and then freeze them. There are actually bugs out now including mosquitoes. Maybe a light, frost will get rid of them.