News on the First of April

It may be a bit unbelievable but last night, there was a warm wind and things started thawing quickly. This first of April morning, there were huge changes in the lake. Probably can’t really believe it…..

The first loons arrived and seem quite happy being here.IMG_2754

People are also out in their kayaks enjoying the lake for the first time even if the water is a bit cold.IMG_2741

But the most amazing is that it seems that a Blue Footed Booby was taken way off course by the winds and landed on the last little bits of ice on the lake. This is a very rare event as these birds generally are found in the tropics. This one seems happy here with the loons so one can only wonder.

booby on ice

Well, it really isn’t true that the lake is unfrozen. Although it is “Spring”, it now seems to be an April Fools joke as it seems more like the beginning of March. Early ice out guesses probably won’t be winners. The picture, below, is a real picture from the sand bar on Stamp Act, the ice still looks pretty thick. The pressure ridge that typically forms here made a cave that a small child, not me, could have crawled into although before long, they would have been wet. The water behind the “cave” is the only open water seen on March 31st. The day was bright blue but it was cold, about 45 with a stiff north wind.


At the eagle nest, there has been a change and now there is a bird sitting in the nest indicating that eggs have been laid and brooding has begun. A month or so from now, perhaps there will be more baby eagles. IMG_6629

You can see the head of the eagle which is probably the female although both eagles take turns brooding. From the original photo, it looks like the head has some greyish feathers around the eye and no black eye ring. Both of these facts indicate that it is the female. For more information on incubation and eagle identification, you can check out    Copy and paste it into your browser.

Have fun on this April Fools Day.