New Years and Early January Weather and Golf?

The lake froze early but it was not safe for travel for awhile. Over the holidays, people tested the ice and found it quite thick and now, in early January, snowmobiles have been out and ATVs are active. jan14jFor a number of days after New Years, the temperatures were “chilly”. A high temperature of 9 degrees is not normally considered warm. Then, there was a 12 inch snowstorm that  made things different but then there was a warm front and rain. Much of the snow on the lake get turned into slush although there is still snow in the woods. On the 8th, there wasn’t much other than ice on the lake.jan14f

Then, there was a flurry that came by and left about half an inch of snow. The lake then changed from looking icy to looking snow covered. Walking on the lake with metal spikes on your feet made it really seem like winter. jan14ejan14a

Some of the side streams had lots of water in them and then they froze. Townsend Brook was one of them. In the first picture, the water was coming down from the thaw over other ice, and then the second one shows the brook after it refroze.jan14ijan14hAt the same time, there are still a few places where there is open water. Off the east and west ends of Stamp Act, there are places where the lake is not frozen which says that you need to be careful whenever you go out on the lake. Pay attention! Now, there is more rain but if it freezes with no snow coming down on it there could be GREAT skating as well as great ice boating.jan14b

Oh, the golf…… There are people who play “ice golf”. I participated on the 10th with the “course” going from Point of Pines, around Bass Island, Stamp Act and back to the Point. There was a “water hazard” on the west end of Stamp Act but I luckily avoided it. Each shot was a tee shot with a driver and “metal spikes” were required (which are not allowed at most normal golf courses). Although you don’t feel that you can really hit it because your feet are not completely secure, the average shot was about 275 yards, at least a third of that after the first bounce. (Balls bounce very well on ice and the 1/2 inch of snow wasn’t really a problem.) Who knows what the weather will bring? It is New England so just try to enjoy what you are given. jan14c