More Open Water as the Weather Changed

Many people could have gotten their boats out in the past few days if it weren’t for the winds that gusted above 30 mph. Large parts of the lake are now ice free as the wind broke up lots of existing ice. Also some of the ice blocks on the lake continued to be interesting to look at.


This is a picture looking across the lake toward Mink Island from Point of Pines. Lots of blowing snow and also a lot of open water near the island. The darker area in the close foreground is still frozen. Below is a picture when things were a bit calmer the next day. The open water extends from about First Ledge north. The black buoy is a channel marker between Point of Pines and Brummitt.IMG_6950


Above is open water on the west side of Brummitt Island and it extends all the way to the north shore east of Turtle Island.

Below are some pictures of the ice chunks that were thrown out of Townsend Brook. The first was right after the storm, then the wind came up and lots of sand and dirt was blown around but, because the water is only about knee deep, I was out on the ice. The last picture is after the 3 or so inches of snow that we got came down and after the wind blew some away.IMG_6897IMG_6919IMG_6935

This last one almost looks like someone left jigsaw puzzle pieces strewn around the lake…. Below is a picture of the broken up ice which is always a pretty sight in the sun.