Milfoil Divers Start the New Season

Saturday, June 30th, was the start of the Milfoil Dive Team’s season. There were many volunteers out to help and the more people, the more that can be done and the safer it is. Each diver needs a person paying attention to their welfare. The last thing you want is a boat clipping you with a propeller………. You don’t need diving skills to help with pulling the milfoil, you just need some time that you can spend helping to protect our lake from a horrible invasive plant. If you are a diver, you can help even more and you are where the action really is.

The first two pictures are of the assembling helpers with their yellow shirts. These yellow shirts are worn with pride because of the job that they are doing.

When the group got to the bay near the dam in Crescent Lake, they got to work. The first picture is of our LWA President. You can see him clearly in this picture – oh – sorry, you can just see his bubbles. Kevin is pulling the buoy with him and I was also acting as extra safety person.

The day was aided by the presence of a DASH unit (Diver Assisted Suction Harvester). This is a unit that allows divers to pull milfoil and then let it be suctioned to the surface so that they can pull much faster than having to put everything that they pull into a bag and then have to periodically empty the bags.

The last picture shows the harvester along with lots of “protection” boats so that boaters didn’t come into the bay without knowing what was going on. This is a safety first operation. After safety, they just worry about getting rid of milfoil from our lake. If you see someone with a yellow shirt, thank them. If you want to help contact the dive team or watch the forum posts for when the next dive will be. You can also get in contact with them indirectly through