Milfoil and the Dive Team

The Dive Team ended it’s season on an encouraging note. Our dive yielded only about two gallons of Milfoil last Saturday, the fifth. Gone for the time being is the tonnage that the Divers could so easily harvest. To our knowledge there are no patches of Milfoil in Crescent Lake.
Smith River is clear and what was thought to be Milfoil in Fernald Brook was in fact Water Marigold as identified by NH DES. It flourishes in high nutrient environments and is a NH native plant.
More work will be performed by Aqualogics in Goodwin Basin this year. Upon completion that area should be clear of Milfoil. It is hoped that only minimal efforts will be required in the future to maintain that status.
Brewster Heath Milfoil harvesting will be put off until Spring when algae won’t be so present…..obstructing vision. Areas such as Goodwin Basin and Brewster Heath require DASH technology to harvest milfoil. It manages the silt cloud that blinds divers who don’t have it. Along with DASH equipment Aqualogics has the manpower to abate these infested areas. Real progress is being made and with the many dedicated people involved we have a good chance to keep this problem in check but it is an effort that must be perpetual. Thanks for all the support.
Tom Ouhrabka: Weed Control Chairman

Below is the evil weed that the divers know all too well.