Memorial Day Weekend Is Over

Well, the unofficial start of summer is over and it was a roller coaster of temperatures. Cold to start and then warming toward summer heat and humidity at the end. Seems like the eagles are doing well, the loons are calling (and hopefully nesting soon) and the warblers and other migrating birds have returned. The water temperatures are still very cold and there have been some very “brisk” days when the winds have been howling but that is going to be different! It better be.IMG_7420


The picture, above, is a catbird who is very proud to be hanging out in a swam. They are quite amazing birds with lots of calls but often end their singing with a “meow”. They don’t generally have the number of calls as a mockingbird but they are very vocal.




The Yellow Warbler, above, is a great early warbler. In the west, they don’t have the reddish stripes on their fronts but they are found all across the US at this time of year. Their call is: Sweet, sweet, sweeter than sweet.”  They call it very often, perhaps because they are just happy to be back in the north again or perhaps just to be on Lake Wentworth. Now is a great time to look for the birds because the leaves are still smaller than a few weeks from now so the birds can’t hide behind them. These birds are here because of the insects and that is part of the downside of this time of year, black flies are around and often get your attention and the mosquitoes are also making the rounds. If you aren’t here now and are coming in a few weeks, the water will be warmer, the days a bit longer and the black flies will be gone. Come on back and enjoy our great lake.