Lost and Found

NOTE: If you want to post a “lost” or “found” item, you can send it to info@lwa.org.

5/10/17 – Found: A swimming dock, with ladder, has been spotted floating free in Porcupine Cove in Crescent Lake.

9/15/16   Diane Bowman kayaked by the north side of Stamp Act today 9/15/16 around 11:30. Saw a white and yellow Bic small boat or kayak on the rocks. It is now at Point of Pines. The owner can contact info@lwa.org to find out how to get it.

8/12/16 – Found: Knee board found on Aug.12 floating off Stamp Act. Call 603-707-1139 to claim it.

8/7/16 – Lost: Camp Birchmont on Governor’s Shore has lost a Nu Canoe (it looks like this). If found, please contact the camp at 603-569-1337.

7/25/16 – Found: Camp Birchmont on Governor’s Shore found a pair of red/white/blue Connelly water skis floating in Lake Wentworth on July 25. The skis can be reclaimed near shore on the camp property.

You can view them here.

6/27/16 – Found: Pelican four-person pedal boat, blue and white with canvas Bimini top. Found in vicinity of Stamp Act Island. If it’s yours, send a note with contact information to info@lwa.org.

6/1/16 – Found: A sailboat was found along the north shore of Stamp Act Island. Seemed to be in good shape. Presently in a safe spot. Contact Info at lwa.org if you lost it. It was probably moored and the mooring line got loose.   –   Returned to owner 6/3/16.

5/27/16 – Found: A raft blew into Warren Brook in one of our wind storms. If you own it, contact Hugh Crawford.