We are in the penultimate stage of trying to get SB224 passed. This is the bill to get lead out of fishing gear that kills loons. The bill has been heard by the House Committee on Fish and Game and Marine Resources and the committee is scheduled to vote this coming Tuesday, May 1st, at 11:00 a.m.   Your calls, letters and emails to every member of this committee have made a difference but are still needed to ensure that the final vote of this Committee is in our favor. So please tell each Representative to vote “Ought to Pass” on SB224.  Your voice counts so let it be heard. The contact information for the House committee members is can be found at NHLakes.org and look at the left hand side of the page for advocacy . Please make contact with committee members between now and next Tuesday May 1st. Please stick to the facts as you know them, be diplomatic, and be clear that their vote is needed for SB224. The bill will make it so that lead can’t be used in sinkers. The extra cost of other kinds of sinkers is small compared to the other gear that is involved in fishing (especially if a boat is involved). Lead sinkers are ingested by the loons and the lead poisons them. A large percentage of adult loon deaths are from lead they ingest.

More information on loons and lead can be found at http://www.nhlakes.org/ and look at the left hand side of the page for “advocacy”.