Loons on the Lake – They Grow

We had a pair of loons produce two chicks. They nested in a swamp near Point of Pines and avoided predation of their nest and were good parents. The two chicks may help keep loons in NH.

The loon pair nested late, in June, and their chicks hatched in July. This seems to be the norm, according to the Loon Center, for bigger lakes. This may be because the bigger lakes freeze later so the chicks can fly before the lake freezes.

After a chick hatches, the adults stay on the nest for a day or so until the other egg hatches and then they stay there for a few hours. img_0021a

They then set out into the water and were lucky not to have a snapping turtle grab a chick but in a day or so, they left the marsh so the turtles weren’t a problem.IMG_0045

When they left the swamp, they stayed east of Brummitt Island and south of Governor’s Rock for the most part and grew. The parents were good to them.IMG_0267 img_0283a

As the summer progressed, they must have eaten a lot of fish. They grew!???????????????????????????????

Some of the fish were small, but if you feed a kid enough, they grow.???????????????????????????????

I will suggest that a 2 month old loon is not “beautiful” but they are a loon and little “kids”s are always adorable. IMG_1858a

Here, you have the adult flapping wings and the “kid” is doing the same. (I will say that this is a pretty neat picture I got but with a “long” lens and a great camera, you don’t have to be close to take a picture and with “motor” drive, you get a lot of bad shots but some good ones.) There are quite a few people who “claim” these loons but the entire lake has enjoyed their presence. We hope for more chicks next year.