Loon Nesting

Lauren Poster reported a loon nest in Brewster Heath. Great news but nesting time is a VERY sensitive time for the loons. Keep your distance! If a loon starts swimming toward you, it wants you to leave. If it “dances” on the water, you are stressing it and it really wants you to leave.

Lauren writes: I first noticed a pair of very busy loons building a nest on the Tetherly side of Brewster Heath on May 30th.  They were piling mud and sticks just a few hundred feet off the shore in a spit of grass surrounded by open water, that on a typical May would have been completely submerged. The lack of rain this past spring had exposed this high spot, just out of water. A week later we’d had significant rain fall and the lake had risen several inches. This photo was taken on June 6th.  On June 9th, after more rain,  I did observe that the nest was  still intact and the female was firmly ensconced, she and her mate having built up a very high mud perch for their nest.  Here’s hoping it’s high enough to survive any coming rainfall in the next weeks of nesting!   The warning sign is posted, so please don’t venture too close.Lauren Loon