Looking More Like Spring

The early flowering trees are blooming and it is starting to get warmer. The Smith River Canoe Race (see article below) is set for May 21st. Even the water is warming up a bit.

The new eagle nest has at least one chick in it and the parents are staying close to protect it. It is nice to see that the pair is continuing their nesting activities. We hope that the chick (or chicks) start flying around July 1st and then they will be more visible.IMG_2162

Not a great picture of the chick but they don’t always pose.  Also, taken at a distance of a few hundred yards with waves rocking the boat…..

Signs were put up on the North Beach of Stamp Act closing it until July 1st from activity. The picture below has four signs in it, all relating to the Island.IMG_2203

The sign in the water tells people the beach is closed until July 1st and will be taken down at that time. The other three signs are permanent ones. One sign indicates “No Dogs”, another asks people not to go behind the beach because it is a fragile area and the big brown sign talks about how the island came to be protected. Most people who read this will already know about all of this but it takes a village to protect the island. The Stamp Act Island Committee patrols the island by boat on a regular basis but they can’t be everywhere. If you see someone doing what they should not be doing, you can suggest that most people obey the rules, which are quite simple. Don’t be on the shore or on the island ever, and use the North Beach after July 1st only.

Presently, along the island’s shores, the leaves are starting to burst out. The most spectacular thing to see, however, may be the Shadblow Serviceberry. It is called Shadblow in New England because it blooms when the Shad start running up the rivers like the Connecticut. When it bloomed, it was time to go fishing.IMG_2219IMG_2215

Start making your summer plans, it will arrive.