Looked Good for Ice Out but Spring Was Just Kidding

April arrived but the warm weather seems to come for a short time and then leave. In the first week of April, 30 inches of ice was reported although there are thin spots showing up because of the warm sun.On the 3rd, it was 60 degrees, now it is 30. On April 2, an XC ski around the lake was delightful. The surface was granular so skis could get a grip and there was no need to break trail, just fast skiing. An eagle was still on the nest (look at the April 1 article for picture of eagle on nest) so that looks like a good sign. There is some melting at the normal pressure points around the islands and this one, off the west end of Stamp Act is typically one of the first places to have open water.IMG_6710


Not many people were out on the lake and no one was swimming off the North Beach of Stamp Act, well, it is still frozen…. People are using the lake as the photo below shows.



This kite sailor was taking advantage of the conditions. The granular surface was not ideal for ice boats but the skis used by this sailor cut into the surface easily, for the most part, and cruising the lake seemed like a breeze. There was some rain on the 4th which is now frozen although it did make the top surface of the ice a bit honeycombed so it is not usable for ice skating. The swamps, the first places where real melting occurs, are now questionable for crossing. They have quite a bit of biologic activity going on all year long so they don’t freeze as thick. Some are also quite shallow so the ice can’t get thick and one swamp, yesterday had melted spots, slushy spots and was not where you wanted to be skiing! The weather is supposed to be cold for the next four or five days with snow and rain showers. It is said that April showers bring may flowers but I don’t think that it applies to snow showers.