Not Like Last Year – Two Pictures to Prove It.

It is now Spring. Some redwing blackbirds visited our birdfeeder on the last day of Winter but so did a snowfall.  You might like to see the difference…..While the Sun is warm, there is still snow and ice and temperatures getting up to near 40 degrees. Not like last March when it was near 80.




There was a big thaw around the 1oth with lots of melting. The streams broke out and many had small inroads into the lake ice. Since then, there has been a week of cold weather with high temperatures in the 30s and lows dipping into the teens or lower. Most of the open water refroze with a few exceptions. Ice boaters were happy as there was wind and virtually no snow on the lake and there was a person with a snowboard and sail out on one day. Then, we got 10 inches of snow and back to skiing again. The next week’s forecast is for freezing at night and low to mid 40s during the day. Maple syrup makers will be happy but it won’t make the ice go out any time soon. It is weather in New England, what do you expect?IMG_3957


  1. snowflake

    Love the pictures. What a difference a year makes. I’m already thinking my August vacation on Wentworth!

  2. Peter (Post author)

    As of yesterday, tuesday, 90% covered. The usual thaw places were open such as between Cate Island and Stamp and around mouths of streams and in swamps. The ice that is showing broken up is still 3 or 4 inches thick. No one is out on the lake (I hope) but it is still icy.

  3. HolyHolden

    Is our Ice-Checker awake? My date has passed and the webcam is “fuzzy.” Wake up, Shaun and check out the lake!

  4. NomdePlume

    GREAT pictures!

    Certainly worth at least a thousand words.

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