Lake Still Being Used

It is getting colder and “mixed” precipitation is forecast. I probably have had my last boating trip and my last two were a bit cold….. Gloves and a wool had as well as a warm coat and “worn” life jacket were needed to keep me warm. The lake, however, has been “in use” recently, even in the cold.

Loons have been heard and flights of Common Goldeneyes have been seen. Lots of ducks are migrating and some just stay for an hour or so and some stay longer. The Hooded Mergansers are around and are very cute ducks.IMG_2225

They are smaller than the Common Mergansers that we see all summer (the reddish headed gray duck) but they seem more active. There are lots of Mallards still around although you can see them in parks but, perhaps, it is more romantic to see them in a wild swamp than being fed by small children.IMG_2050

A week or so ago, it was a bit cold and windy but there was a lone kayak out on the water. The paddler was appropriately dressed and had a life jacket on that is a “must” when the water gets this cold. If you tip over in the cold water, you don’t want your first task to be finding your life jacket and putting it on. IMG_2043

While not on the water, there are little people along the shore leaving their tracks. Heron tracks in the sand as well as some small mammal make walking along the shore interesting.

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The seasons are changing but there is always something new to see at the Lake. Come back soon if you aren’t here already.