January 4th vs. January 5th – Now a Frozen Lake

Well, it finally happened. On the 3rd, the water temperature was 36 degrees, on the 4th, it was 32.5 degrees and on the 5th, the lake is frozen. The temperature over night was near zero, plus or minus a few degrees depending on what thermometer you read. It was relatively calm and the lake froze. It is also thick enough so that it probably won’t break up even with a strong wind. The forecast for the next few days averages below freezing so the ice will get thicker.

The pictures below give the difference a day makes (to contrast the last article which talked about the difference a year makes). The first pair of pictures is where Townsend Brook enters the lake and the second set is on Point of Pines.


It was a beautiful sunny day on the 5th and the temperature didn’t get out of the low 20s. Well, it is January. Some of the ice formations along the beach were interesting with levels of frozen sand and then places where the ice had frozen in piles.


Along the beach, there were frozen things, one that caught my eye was a pine cone with a coating of ice.


Oh, and this morning, behind our winter house, a visitor came looking for mice/mole/voles or anything to eat.Looked in great shape but didn’t seem to find a mouse.IMG_6821

Winter is a great time to be at the lake and it changes on a regular basis. The ice is nowhere near thick enough to be out on but that, too, will change.