It Was Warmer Then But They Are Still Working for LWA

Below are some pictures of people when it was a bit warmer around here. Probably go about a month never going above freezing. These people do a lot for the LWA….Jack O’Connell works is President of the LWF, Kevin Donovan is the past president and Bob Spear who is the current president.


The people, above are Susan Goodwin 2nd VP, Becky Arnold, Secretary, Peter Galanis, 1st VP and Bob Spear, president.

As you can see, they were not dressed in parkas, if you are spending time around the lake, short sleeved shirts are a distant memory or a distant hope. Brrrr it is cold. In the summer, a hammock hangs between these two trees. Now, you would not be much above a snowdrift…………