It Is Spring So What Is the Deal?

Spring arrived in March and it was warm for a spell. But, as T.S. Eliot wrote: “April is the cruelest month…….” The first week or so has not been very “spring-like”.  North winds have blown hard, an inch or two of snow has fallen and we seem to have another few days of this before we might get into the 50s for awhile with no frost or freeze. Sunday morning the sand on the beach had changed to snow on the beach. With the warm April sun, it should have melted quickly but the day after the snow, the high temperature, yes, the high temperature was 24 degrees. Even a warm sun doesn’t do much at that temperature. Oh, and there was a wind, too.


Well, one thing was that with the big waves and cold temperatures, there were some nice ice patterns. Usually, this is exciting in November because says that the seasons are changing. Now, in April, the ice is pretty but we need to move on to other things, like summer.


Because the temperatures had not gone above freezing on Monday or most of Tuesday, the wind blowing on Tuesday made it look like winter with the snow blowing off the roofs of houses. There wasn’t enough snow to cause drifting but the cold wind was not what you hoped for in April.

By the 9th, most of the snow was gone but the temperatures and the winds did not make it feel like Spring. Yes, there are some birds back from the south, phoebes and a few others. Yes, there are robins and red winged blackbirds who are supposed to be signs of spring but some robins stay around all winter eating berries and red wings were heard a month ago when it was still supposed to be winter. Yes, we will try to get things warmer by June!