It Is Getting to Be Late October

It was below freezing at the lake last weekend but the temperatures have moderated and it has been nice to be out on the lake although few people are venturing forth. A few fisher people and lots of birds are still around. The color is still quite nice but the water temperature is dropping…..

Mink Island is all aglow with Fall colors as well as Cate Island. Other shores are beautiful as well.IMG_5269


There are a few fishing boats out and the people in this canoe were probably happy that the dog didn’t jump overboard to visit with the loons. The seemed to be having a good time on a nice warm, calm day.IMG_5272

In the swamps, some ducks are having a great time with the slightly lower water. Mallards are called “dabbling ducks” and they “tip-up” to get things to eat on the bottom. With the lower water levels after Columbus day, they have lots of new things to eat. Wood Ducks are also around. The male is has very dramatic plumage and the female is basically brown with a white eye ring.IMG_5213

As a member of the Stamp Act Committee, I am allowed to walk on Stamp Act Island but generally don’t do it during the season because my boat on the shore would invite others to walk there. My mission, today, was to check on the “eagle tree” and see how it is doing. It seems that the nest might be on a weak branch and it may have trouble over the winter but the tree, itself, seems strong. At the bottom of it, you can see the scar that must have been from a lightning strike but also, there are lots of sticks that the eagles must have brought to build their nest but let them fall to the ground. This is quite an impressive bunch of sticks. In the second picture, the sticks show a completely different texture to the ground as compared to the ground behind the pine trunk. Lots of work to get each stick and what a disappointment when you lose it to the ground!