Is Spring Finally Coming? Maybe…..

I got an email from Shaun Berry on the 29th telling me there was 26.5 inches of ice out from the Allen A Beach. But things may be looking up……

On the 26th of March the lake was delightful to ski on. A little bit of hard snow on the ice and it was fast. There were a few signs of melting, this was next to Loon Island but it was pretty small. 0327141436

Since that time, the temperatures have risen and we have gotten rain. Townsend Brook became alive and washed out all its ice although on the 30th, there wasn’t a channel into the lake, the water flowed under the ice when it got to the lake.




Looking toward Sunset Point, lots of water was on the surface of the ice although it would have been safe to cross it if you had spikes on your feet. This water is on top of the ice and it is not “open” water.


Looking toward Warren Sands, there was “light blue water”. It doesn’t show up very well in this picture but it was the light blue that you associate with icebergs. An area 500 yards long and 200 yards wide was covered with quite deep water because the wind was blowing the water and making it “pond”. The water was only a few inches deep, not enough to go boating on, but the light was going through the water and scattering in the ice below. Blue light is scattered the most by the ice so it looked blue.


All this means that we are progressing toward spring. Around the house, we have lost half the snow we had on the ground on the south slopes although north slopes haven’t changed much. The warm sun will make a difference and we may start to see some ice melting on the lake. With no white snow to reflect the April Sun, it will start the process that is long overdue.

One last thing is that we do live in a wild place and the picture below shows a fisher, often called a fisher cat, coming through my yard. It was just outside the window AND I had my camera on the window sill. Good timing. Fisher are about 2 1/2 feet long plus tail and dine on snowshoe hares and porcupines. They are quick enough and smart enough to attack from the front and flip the porcupine on its back, avoiding the tail quills. Many dog owners may be happy that they are around, but small dogs and cats might be dinner for a fisher so those owners are advised to keep them inside especially at night.


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    Here’s hoping that spring is coming to the lake!

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