Ice Was Thick Before the Rain…..

The ice is pretty thick now. However, the rain will have caused some places to have “drain holes” so some places that were safe earlier now aren’t.   Before the rain, ski mobiles had been out across the lake and none have been reported on the bottom. There are few ice fishing houses out on the lake but not as many in other years but that may be because of a few years with little ice. Given the winds that we have had, some of them may have moved, by themselves, to another place on the lake. I skied around Stamp Act Island before the rain and didn’t get wet but there was an area between Stamp Act and Poplar Island that I “thought” about before I crossed. That area often has open water when the rest of the lake is frozen so it is always good to check. I didn’t go for a swim so I guess it was OK. But, with the rain and warm wind, conditions have changed. Now, there is no snow on the lake, it all melted with the rain and warm winds and there is a chance that it will freeze smoothly for ice skating and ice boating. However, if you go out, use caution and carry something such as a screwdriver that would allow you to crawl out of the water onto the ice. Better to be safe.