Ice Out Update Revised 4/19

The lake is definitely looking like the ice will go out. There are large sections that are ice free. An ice breaker made it to the Sister Islands and back and other boats have been out including a kayak or two. There is supposed to be wind and rain on Monday, April 20th, so this may clear the ice. It has to be off all the shores so that boats could be launched but sometimes this happens quickly. Winds are a bit part of it. At 2:30, parts of Townsend Shore are still hanging tough. Big chunks of ice, don’t think anyone would want to launch through it.


It is feeling a bit more like spring there with snow melting and a few days with temperatures in the 60s. Hit 70 yesterday, the 13th! But there is still ice on the lake. At the bottom of this article is the Guesses and previous ice out dates are included. On the morning of the 12th it was possible to ski on the lake although there were obvious places not to go. It was below freezing so things were firm. The surface 4 inches were honeycombed ice, typical of what is made out of slush when it freezes and then a inch deep layer of water before you hit the 8 to 10 inches of hard ice below. The white in the picture is generally 1/4 inch of old snow over the honeycombed ices and the grey areas just don’t have that snow on them.aIMG_6811

The picture is looking at Gunstock Mt. with Cate and Stamp Act in the foreground. An eagle was on the nest and I said goodbye until I can get out in a boat. With the temperature rising to near 70, I didn’t think that skiing on the lake in the afternoon would be possible. Might have been but I didn’t event try. There has been open water at the edges with the picture below near Brummitt Island. Open water extends between Stamp Act and Cate. aIMG_6817

Along the beaches, water is now visible. The edges get more sunlight and with small changes in water level that happen during the winter months, the ice is weaker there as well. The warm April sun has lots of energy and is as high in the sky as late August. aIMG_6841

And finally, ducks are returning as well as geese who are less desired….  These ducks were in a swamp and there was more open water but they seemed happy swimming along the water channels in the ice. Most people would not like their feet in icy water but they don’t seem to mind.aIMG_6844

 Ice probably will take another week to 10 days to go out. Some people have already lost the Ice Out Contest and the May guesses probably won’t win but you never know.


Yellowboat March 31 17:00
Stephen Arnold April 8 16:45
Katie Ouhrabka April 9 15:00
Peter Galanis April 10 15:00
Rockpaperscissors April 10 15:13
Rubka888 April 11 14:30
Ryan Arnold April 11 15:00
Ablodget April 12 17:30
DWR13 April 13 15:30
Heading4thelake April 14 15:00
City Kid April 15 12:00
Lakelady April 15 15:00
skiff April 16 12:00
Lisa Arnold April 16 14:45
Islander April 16 15:00
Rich April 17 11:30
Ethan Arnold April 17 12:15
Annie Arnold April 18 12:30
Lisa Donovan April 18 17:00
HolyHolden April 19 14:10
3pmdgsr April 19 15:45
Crownrock April 20 12:00
Debbie Bayne April 20 15:00
islandboy April 20 16:00
Triggsflier April 21 11:45
SMC12 April 21 15:00
Jimwy April 22 12:00
Gary April 22 13:30
Bob Spear April 22 14:30
Becky April 22 15:00
Bill Durfee April 23 11:00
Nowindshield April 23 14:00
Amy Sutton April 24 14:00
66pop April 24 17:00
Fernald1 April 25 12:00
Joe Erwin April 26 12:00
ajpurcelliii April 27 13:30
Eric Ouhrabka May 1 14:00
Hunt May 2 9:00

Previous Ice Out Dates:

2005  Apr.  17     5:30 PM

2006 Apr. 1          12:00 PM
2007   Apr. 23    6:00 AM
2008   Apr. 23    8:00 AM
2009   Apr. 12    6:00 AM
2010  Mar. 23     3:00 PM
2011 Apr. 20       2:30 PM
2012   March 22 12:00 PM

2013 Apr. 14   3:15 PM

2014 Apr. 19    3:00 PM