GUESSING OVER ——— Ice Out Contest 2015 Guessing Ended March 15 at 11:59 PM

Want to guess the day and time the ice on the lake goes out? Now is your chance. The Ice Out Contest will be in last year’s format. You will NOT be able to change your guess. This is a change from a few years ago because of the switch to the new website. Once you “claim” a date and time, it will be entered into a spreadsheet that will be included in this article. The contest is now open and all guesses must be posted to the website forum titled “Make Your Guess” found on the right side of this page. Click on the forum, choose your date and then submit it. Make sure that you hit the “submit” button at the bottom of the page. If you can’t figure out how to post, you can send your guess directly to Dates of previous Ice Outs are given at the bottom of this article. Guessing will close on March 15th at 11:59 PM. There is little chance that the ice will be out by then. Bragging rights and even a small prize for the winner.

The dates and times chosen will be posted in this article. I will check the forum every few days and add the guesses to the spreadsheet that will be updated in the “ice out” article. Contest will close this year on March 15th at 11:59 PM. Make sure you include AM or PM in your guess. One issue about fairness……. Given that early guessers can’t change their times and dates, it would not be fair to choose a time and date just a few minutes away from an early poster. Give early posters a little space if you can. Ice out is declared when “all the shores are free of ice” so that people could launch boats if they desired. The winner is closest to the “judged” time. A committee (that varies) makes the decision. All committee members are certified by the International Commission for Exactness (ICE).


Yellowboat March 31 17:00
Stephen Arnold April 8 16:45
Katie Ouhrabka April 9 15:00
Peter Galanis April 10 15:00
Rockpaperscissors April 10 15:13
Rubka888 April 11 14:30
Ryan Arnold April 11 15:00
Ablodget April 12 17:30
DWR13 April 13 15:30
Heading4thelake April 14 15:00
City Kid April 15 12:00
Lakelady April 15 15:00
skiff April 16 12:00
Lisa Arnold April 16 14:45
Islander April 16 15:00
Rich April 17 11:30
Ethan Arnold April 17 12:15
Annie Arnold April 18 12:30
Lisa Donovan April 18 17:00
HolyHolden April 19 14:10
3pmdgsr April 19 15:45
Crownrock April 20 12:00
Debbie Bayne April 20 15:00
islandboy April 20 16:00
Triggsflier April 21 11:45
SMC12 April 21 15:00
Jimwy April 22 12:00
Gary April 22 13:30
Bob Spear April 22 14:30
Becky April 22 15:00
Bill Durfee April 23 11:00
Nowindshield April 23 14:00
Amy Sutton April 24 14:00
66pop April 24 17:00
Fernald1 April 25 12:00
Joe Erwin April 26 12:00
ajpurcelliii April 27 13:30
Eric Ouhrabka May 1 14:00
Hunt May 2 9:00

Previous Ice Out Dates:

2005  Apr.  17     5:30 PM

2006 Apr. 1          12:00 PM
2007   Apr. 23    6:00 AM
2008   Apr. 23    8:00 AM
2009   Apr. 12    6:00 AM
2010  Mar. 23     3:00 PM
2011 Apr. 20       2:30 PM
2012   March 22 12:00 PM

2013 Apr. 14   3:15 PM

2014 Apr. 19    3:00 PM


  1. lakelady

    April 15 at 3:00 my guess.

  2. Rubka888

    I will take April 11th at 2:30 please!

  3. Yellowboat

    Hi Peter, Great job with the website and interesting info–love the pictures. Please put in a guess for Yellow Boat of March 31 at 5 pm.

    Thanks, Karen

  4. ajpurcelliii

    April 27th at 13:30…. Let that sun do its magic…… It has been a long cold winter up there with lots of snow pack to shield the ice… AJ

  5. heading4thelake

    April 14th 3pm

  6. Fernald1

    Fernald1. April 25. 12 noon

  7. Katie Ouhrabka

    April 9th 3pm 🙂

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