Ice Is Officially Out

Ice is officially declared to be out at 3:30 PM on April 19th. Pretty amazing that two feet of ice disappeared in two weeks.After consultation with people on all shores, it is now “boating” conditions and skiing will have to be behind a boat rather than with wax and ski poles.

A number of factors came together to produce the quick melting. First, there was rain that got rid of all the snow on top so there was no longer any white reflecting surface. Then, there have been a few 70 degree days with bright sun and the sun is as high in the sky as late August. And then, once there are places that become open, the wind blows the surface water. This means that water rises up to replace it from the bottom where the water is at 40 degrees. 40 degree water can melt ice quite quickly and with strong winds, lots of it rises to the surface. (This is the same thing that happens in the summer when people on the west end of the lake complain about cold water temperatures with a west wind. The wind blows surface water to the east and water from below comes up to replace it. That water is colder.)

Fernald1 was the winner. Good work!