April 1st Weather Is Warmer and the Birds!

At the end of March, the lake is often frozen but things have been different this year. It was the earliest ice out on record and it is just too warm. With this post on the first of April, some of the surprising birds must be shown. Blown in on a south wind, maybe, but it is strange. With the lake still at the winter level, the sandbar on Stamp Act was host to some strange birds for our neck of the woods. Among them was a mixed flock of White Ibis and Snowy Egret. Quite strange. The Ibis normally are not found north of New Jersey and the Snowy Egret, at this time of year aren’t found north of Maryland.

 April fool

Please report any other abnormal bird sightings to the AFO* at info@lwa.org. Documenting rare birds is an important part of what naturalists do and we need to be a part of the reporting process.






  • AFO is the April Fools Organization