Getting to Be Late Fall

Things have changed at the lake. It has been a “late” Fall so things have been a bit behind the normal times but last weekend, it was Fall. The oak trees had been hanging onto their leaves and then a cold front blew through and the leaves were gone. Yes a few leaves remained but the trees lost 90% of their leaves in about 12 hours.

Below is on the south shore of Stamp Act with few leaves on the trees.


There are still flocks of migrating ducks and this flight of goldeneyes with their whistling wings was a joy to see. I was on the North Beach of Stamp Act, they flew in not far from the beach and then they flew off.IMG_5915

Looking out of the Heath, the lake was very calm. Not many ducks in the Heath that morning but still a pleasant place to be.


The weather has generally been above normal in temperatures and it has been generally calm so wind hasn’t been an issue if you wanted to get out on the lake. At the same time, there is little action on the lake. Most boats are out and it is only an occasional fishing boat that shows up. I spent three hours on the lake on Tuesday and saw no other boats. Nice to be here in late Fall.

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  1. lakelady

    Thanks for the update, Peter. This isn’t a draw down year, so why is the water level so low?

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